Theory of Art

Theory for a better understanding of art

Way to Wealth

Man does not live from art alone

An inspirational speech by the fictional father Abraham on the use of capital. Humorously rendered by the author Benjamin Franklin.

Outside of the Gate

The famous poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Pascalsches Dreieck, Fibonacci Folge und goldener Schnitt

Pascal's triangle, Fibonacci sequence and golden section

More than just a template for solving binomial formulas

A less frequently mentioned property of Pascal's triangle - the representation of the Fibanocci numbers as the sum of the numbers lying on a diagonal of 45° in the left-centered triangle - is listed here.

Experiment on the calculation of probability

The law of large numbers

Applied practically, this experiment makes clear the decreasing influence of chance with many repetitions of a process.

Monochromer Balken vor Verlauf

Optical illusions

Not everything is as it seems

Practical examples of optical illusions for use in the visual arts.